Company Profile

   # Business Philosophy:Integrity、Innovation、Quality、Service、 Efficiency   proimages/news/2.jpg
  ● Integrity: acting with Sincerity、practicing with Integrity
  ● Innovation:strive for continual innovation、 improvement
  ● Quality:multiple inspection、building customer credibility
  ● Service:quick feedback、providing the best services for customers.
  ● Efficiency: positive input、with all effort
 # Sustainable Operation
  Bingdian is undertaking fast integration of the producing lines to optimize
      our  advantages. By providing superior quality products to satisfy  
    customers'  request in the peak season also to match up with customers  
 in the slack season. We research and develop advanced technique with
our  professional  concept, to build innovative and more complete
producing  lines, so we can meet our customers' different requests and
maintain  competitiveness in  this air conditioner field. We always provide
service with Integrity and  insist onadvanced and excellent echnique.
 # Honor Guest. Human Resources and employee knowledge growth

  Excellent employees are important property of Bingdian. Bingdian give 
      high  value on technique and professional service, establish the 
professional、responsible and efficient work team. Targeting employees 
  as well as &
 management training systemestablish a systematic
    Plan-Design-Do-Review-Outcome to improve professional management
      skills and knowledge of our 
employees. With  excellent  technique to
      improve our quality and speed 
maintain service then  meet the benefit. 

 # Future Prospect

  Corresponding to high technology, air conditioner not only provides 
living environment, but caring about health and eco-friendly, 
      at the time becoming advanced products, take more care about health 
and  environment. No matter in producing or developing air conditioner,  
       Electronization will be necessary. We will take an innovative and active  
       approach to develop smart products, to meet  electronization request, we 
       are going to develop and produce air  conditioner,  not as the household 
       appliance, but also get into electronization  worldwide system.